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Full Day Kindergarten

Alhambra School District offers a free full-day kindergarten program that is aligned with the Arizona State Academic Standards, and prepares students for a successful school experience. Full-day kindergarten is offered at the following schools:

Alhambra Traditional School – 3736 W. Osborn Rd., 602-484-8816
Carol G. Peck – 5810 N. 49th Ave., 623-842-3889

Catalina Ventura – 6331 N. 39th Ave., 602-841-7445

Cordova Primary – 6615 N. 39th Ave., 602-242-5828

Granada Primary ­– 3232 W. Campbell Ave., 602-841-1403

James W. Rice – 4530 W. Campbell, Ave., 623-848-8420

Montebello – 5725 N. 27th Ave., 602-336-2000

Sevilla Primary – 3801 W. Missouri Ave., 602-242-0281

Westwood Primary – 4711 N. 23rd Ave., 602-242-2442

To register, visit your local school and bring:

  • child’s original birth certificate and immunization record: DTaP/DTP, polio, MMR (measles/mumps/rubella), hepatitis B, and varicella (chicken pox) is required for students age 2-5 enrolled in school or day care; and students entering 6th through 11th grade who are 11 years old must have the meningococcal vaccination.
  • verification of address (utility bill, lease or rental agreement)