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Guest Teaching Services
Maria Jimenez
Guest Teaching Services

Welcome to the Guest Teaching Services page of the Human Resources Department.  On this page, you will find information about guest teaching in the Alhambra District.  For more information on this topic, please click on the link below:

Guest Teaching Services
Welcome to the Alhambra School District….where “Everyone Matters!”   The Alhambra Team is committed to excellence and we believe all children will excel if given the opportunity and the rich experiences we offer in Alhambra.  In addition, we have high expectations for our students, but above all, our staff; and our guest teachers play an important role in maintaining a positive learning environment in the absence of our teachers.
Guest teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and hold a valid Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card, Arizona Substitute Certificate, and/or an Arizona Certified Teaching Certificate. In order to accept long-term positions, a guest teacher must be highly qualified.
Individuals interested in applying, please visit our employment section by clicking on the Apply for a Position link.

For additional information, contact Maria Jimenez, Guest Teacher Coordinator, at 602-336-2236.
Guest Teacher Salary Schedule
K – 5th grade:        $ 80   per day            1 – 20 days
                              $ 90   per day           21 – 60 days
                             $100 per day             61 – 80 days
Grades 6 – 8, special education, and special areas: $100 per day           
*Long-Term pay: $194.31 (after 30 consecutive days)

*A Long-Term position is a position in the same classroom over an extended period of time.