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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities



The Alhambra Elementary School District strives to educate the whole child placing value on academics and extracurricular endeavors that inspire students to explore different interests and talents.  In support of local school efforts, we offer a rich variety of extracurricular arts, athletics, and club opportunities.

Participation in these activities will encourage the development of leadership skills, sportsmanship, creativity, commitment, accountability, and a true sense of belonging for our students.  Throughout the year, students will be able to:

  • Participate in a variety of activities of their choice
  • Develop individual skills as well as cooperative group behaviors
  • Develop social, emotional, and physical skills that can be used throughout their lives
  • Take risks
  • Build positive self-esteem
  • Flourish in a safe and healthy environment
  • Work alongside coaches and sponsors as role models in their development

When students are offered a chance to participate on different athletic teams they may take advantage of a few options: 

  • Competitive opportunity:Students will be able to attend tryouts and if selected for the team will travel and compete among the Alhambra Elementary School District League.
  • Non-Competitive “no-cut procedure”: Students will not be asked to “tryout” for a team, nor will they be “cut” for lack of ability.They are, however, asked to do their best, take pride in their efforts and learn how to be a responsible member of a team.In this way students begin to learn the fundamental skills needed to prepare themselves for increasingly higher levels of play.

Many arts, athletics, and club offerings will be available for all students throughout the year.

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