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Academic Services
 Mandi Bilyou

Mandi Bilyou, Asst. Superintendent Academic Services




Welcome to the Academic Services Department.  It is our goal to ensure all students reach their highest level of academic achievement as measured by state and federal standards.  We guarantee this through a system of comprehensive student support and focused professional development experiences that positively impacts student success.


Name Position Phone Email
Mandi Bilyou
Assistant Superintendent 602.336.2944 mandibilyou@alhambraesd.org
Melissa Penniman Curriculum & Instruction
602.336.2950 melissapenniman@alhambraesd.org
Denise Ruiz English Language Learners
602.336.2959 deniseruiz@alhambraesd.org
Dr. Leslie Siegel Federal Programs
602.336.2959 lesliesiegel@alhambraesd.org
Dr. William Smith Gifted Education
602.336.2945 williamsmith@alhambraesd.org
Marian Vandermate Staff Development
602.336.2956 marianvandermate@alhambraesd.org
STEM Research & Development
602.336.2995 jacqulynehardiesty@alhambraesd.org
Dr. William Smith Student Services
602.336.2945 williamsmith@alhambraesd.org
Dr. Nan Williams Technology
602.336.2953 techdirector@alhambraesd.org